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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Work ON Your Business, Not IN It

One of the biggest issues holding back many entrepreneurs is also very pervasive. I call it simply - entrepreneurial overwhelm. Could this be happening to you?

Here is how extreme entrepreneurial overwhelm may be showing up in your business:

You feel constantly overwhelmed (duh)
The tasks that consume each day are not strategically thought out. You may be working very hard but your choice of tasks may not be serving you adequately.
You bounce ineffectively from task to task. In other words, you try a bit of this; you don't get results so you try a bit of something else, get distracted and move to the next item. This is how much of your time is spent. I call this bouncing. It's exhausting and very ineffective for entrepreneurs.
You may not take action at all because you have so much to do.
You may take no action because you simply do not know what to do. This is more common than you think.

Most entrepreneurs are incredibly busy. They often work at a near frenetic pace inside their business.

However, there is a way to relax, and be more powerful and strategic in your business. It involves being more thoughtful and deliberate with your time management.

As self-employed entrepreneurs we are responsible for doing a huge range of tasks ourselves. Michael Gerber put it well in his book The E-Myth, where he describes the different roles we must play in our business. He describes the three roles we must play as - the Entrepreneur, the Manager and the Technician.

Most of my readers run small or one-man businesses and have to play ALL of these roles. Guess which role you are most likely to play? It is the Technician. By Technician I mean the "doing work" of whatever your service, talent or gift is. For example, a virtual assistant handles a lot of administration; a chiropractor manipulates his clients' joints. This is generally whatever skill you love most. Indeed, it is the reason why you went into business. My clients are great Technicians! Most of my clients are pretty good Managers, as well.

Where I see a big problem is with the Entrepreneur role. In this key role you actually need to get out of your business and think, "How do I grow this business? How do I double my income in the next few years? What are my most strategic moves this week, this month, this year?" If you are not asking yourself these questions, you are limiting the success you crave! If you are like many entrepreneurs you are getting too busy to put on that "CEO hat". The result is that business doesn't grow as desired, and you could be leaving big bucks on the table that should be in your pocket.

Working ON your business while wearing your CEO hat is super-powerful. It is a small shift in your thinking but a huge shift in your results. Skeptical? Try it before you dismiss it. Take advantage of my action steps below for just two weeks and I know you will make a habit of wearing your "CEO hat" in the future.

Action Steps for You:

Clear at least 4 hours on your calendar this week. Plan on doing this every week.
Use this free time for wearing your "CEO hat" and making some big, strategic decisions for your business.

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