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Welcome to PNC Consulting Firm-- We enjoy providing CREATIVE CONSULTING for your goals, events, programs, conferences, parties and beyond. We also provide computer TRAINING, motivational speaking & workshop services for individuals, groups or businesses. And most rewarding, we offer Affiliate Harmony through our Networking membership, where we strategically match you with beneficial people, places and business things in our network!! How it works: [Step 1: Complimentary Consultation] [Step 2: PNC Proposal] During this session I will present: -Overview of initial meeting PNC Event/Program Proposal -Outline Affiliate Harmony Benefits -Present PNC Consulting Business Services Overview [Step 3: Continue the PNC experience with our rewarding Networking Memberships & Elite Services] Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION for your company, business or group TODAY! If you want to know more please email us at 30pncorrespondents@gmail.com or call Chief Consultant, Latoya Byrd at 786.972.8695

Thursday, July 25, 2013

...Awareness Saves Lives, Time and Money

PNC Consulting Firm personally invites you to take a moment to evaluate how you and your family feel about the rights you have? 

How would you feel if you had no rights? Well, what are you doing to protect the rights you value? Are finances the only reason you haven't devised a LEGAL EVENTS FAMILY PLAN

Be encouraged and know that INFORMATION IS POWER and what you do with that information can mountains and create solutions. 

TAKE A STAND and explore what LEGAL SHIELD has to offer your family; http://www.legalshield/hub/lbyrd .  

There are Priceless Benefits to the Justice offered by the LEGAL SHIELD plans. We encourage you to contact us if your family is important and your rights are worth protecting. Establish your LEGAL EVENTS FAMILY PLAN TODAY!  

Please inquire about about our business plans and coverage in your state - Latoya Byrd is your community Legal Shield Rep 786.972.8695 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Can PNC Consulting Firm help my business?

PNC Consulting Firm can definitely bring solutions to you, your group or business by simply getting to know who you are and what you represent. Check out the three easy steps  to our successful consulting process.  

How Does Preferred Networking Correspondents Consulting Work? 

Step 1: Complimentary Consultation 
If you and your team see a value in our services you can schedule an hour appointment where I present step 2 listed below. The PNC Proposal is a $150.00 value for only $75. 
Step 2: PNC Proposal
During this session I will present:
 Overview of initial meeting
PNC Event/Program Proposal
Outline Affiliate HarmonyTM Benefits
PNC Consulting Business Services Overview
Step 3: Continue the PNC experience with our rewarding Networking Memberships & Elite Services

Our consulting services are built around our unique creative approach to your needs and special events. We provide an array of event services not limited to the following: Event Development • Event Management • Program Development (mentoring/educational/custom) • Business Development • Pre & Post Event Consulting • Career Change Consultation • Research & Presentation Prep • Strategic Goal Setting 

Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation TODAY!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Another Successful Event...

Sending out a BIG THANK YOU to all Queens that made PNC's Women  Business Owner's MEET & GREET a success!
The event was an afternoon filled with cool activities and effective business networking-- 

Event Highlights: 
vGuest Snapshots - It was a pleasure hearing the passion in your voices as you shared your business with the room. It is always important to have your  30-60 sec. elevator presentation ready at all times.
vNetworking Connections
& Social Media Sidebar-At any event it is important to make Networking Connections that COUNT!!! So when you meet someone, start your engines on how you and the person you meet plan to benefit one another. Oh, and be sure to take a Social Media Sidebar at the same time. Connect with your correspondents via social media and the good ol' fashion way, TELEPHONE & EMAIL.
 vSuccess Formulas & Goals -It's vital to self reflect especially as a business owner and in doing so you'll start to see a formula unfold as you set goals for yourself and your team. Always and I mean always add (+) or multiply (X) NETWORKING in your success formula while subtracting (-) negative people, places and things. 

Ask about our networking memberships and consulting services:   
Networking Membership Subscriptions

Individual –  $50 annually  

Business/Group – $200 annually 
Corporate – $1000 annually
Non-Profit – complimentary membership
Consultant Hourly Rate $75 an hour

CONGRATS to our Preferred Networking Correspondent PRIZED WINNERS!!!
3 Special guest received small tokens of recognition for all their hard work and business efforts towards their success.

  • Crystal Morgan was recognized for being ambitious and going hard for her business goals of success as an up and coming direct sales independent rep. of IT WORKS.
  • DIVA Keadi Ann Williams of Kdez Closet had undeniable appeal, swagger and elegance that captivated the room and was awarded for being MOST MAGNETIC
  • We all know who important it is to have a presence online. With that being said, Fanashaa Divine-Essentials had to honored for  having such a strong social media presence on Facebook. She's social, informative, genuine and knowing her stuff!!! 
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