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Welcome to PNC Consulting Firm-- We enjoy providing CREATIVE CONSULTING for your goals, events, programs, conferences, parties and beyond. We also provide computer TRAINING, motivational speaking & workshop services for individuals, groups or businesses. And most rewarding, we offer Affiliate Harmony through our Networking membership, where we strategically match you with beneficial people, places and business things in our network!! How it works: [Step 1: Complimentary Consultation] [Step 2: PNC Proposal] During this session I will present: -Overview of initial meeting PNC Event/Program Proposal -Outline Affiliate Harmony Benefits -Present PNC Consulting Business Services Overview [Step 3: Continue the PNC experience with our rewarding Networking Memberships & Elite Services] Don’t miss the opportunity to secure your COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION for your company, business or group TODAY! If you want to know more please email us at 30pncorrespondents@gmail.com or call Chief Consultant, Latoya Byrd at 786.972.8695

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Return to old watering holes for more than water; friends and dreams are there to meet you. –African Proverb

As you work and toil the seeds of your dreams, don’t be anxious for the return on investment. Seeds never need your instructions! Wow, let me repeat….SEEDS NEVER NEED YOUR INSTRUCTIONS! Our dreams are just the same. Once we dream that’s the seed in the ground, ready to germinate and awaiting to be watered by your positive works.

So while you wait on your DREAM Seeds to grow, network with other seed planters and fruit bearers who might compliment the fruit of your labor so that mutually beneficial business relationships can be established. NETWORKING is key to your dream’s SUCCESS! Instead of limiting your dreams, FREE IT by establishing connections that come to you and the ones you seek out. PLEASE NOTE, these are to be nurturing connections. Everything that sounds or looks good isn’t good for your goal or dreams. So be an observer and check out the how many worms are crawling around that “connection’s” fruit.

While you’re waiting, learn all you can about key components relating to your DREAM SEEDS and study those who have been successful. But most effective, keep your WHAT (your dream/desire) & your WHY at the forefront of your daily/minute to minute vision and leave the HOW to the UNIVERSE. PNC CONSULTING FIRM would be honored to get your dreams off to a nice growing start with our complimentary consultation.  DON'T MISS THE INVITE TO BE APART OF  OUR NETWORK OF DREAM CATCHERS

THE NEW YEAR SCHEDULE is filling up fast, secure your complimentary consultation today. 

Joins as we RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY with tonight's topic: 

How to ENJOY YOUR NOW while you wait on YOUR DREAMS

Tonight, Sunday 12/29/13 @ 7:30pm or archived any time
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We recommend that you schedule your complimentary consultation with PNC CONSULTING FIRM as soon as possible to help you identify those Mutually Beneficial collaborations.

Also inquire about our membership packages
Chief Consultant Latoya Byrd 786.972.8695
www.pncconsultingfirm.com 30pncorrespondents@gmail.com

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Sunday, December 22, 2013


Is it safe to say that if you’re in business or not, that everyone wants a MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL relationship? Here are a few guidelines to establish the highly coveted  win win relationship.
First, be sure that both parties are identifying what they are bringing to the table. This is the most crucial step! Without clear communication and understanding you may be off to a NON-BENEFICIAL partnership. Once, the services or products that are to be exchanged are solidified then moving forward is advised.
Tips: If it doesn't sound right, feel right or is totally asymmetrical don’t entertain! Remember 2014 should perpetuate FORWARD MOVEMENT! Don’t be discouraged, regroup and keep on the lookout for those connections that work for you.

After you’ve signed on the dotted line, agreed to the terms and mutually benefited from the connections, hold on to the partnership, and use it as a building block for that business relationship to grow and continue being mutually beneficial.

We recommend that you schedule your complimentary consultation with PNC CONSULTING FIRM as soon as possible to help you identify those Mutually Beneficial collaborations.

Also inquire about our membership packages
Chief Consultant Latoya Byrd 786.972.8695
www.pncconsultingfirm.com 30pncorrespondents@gmail.com

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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation TODAY!!!

PNC Consulting Firm create and customize different levels of solutions for their clients. Ranging from CONSULTING, TRAINING to NETWORKING, they strive to look at their client’s goals from a holistic view which allows them to encapsulate the creative business solutions their known for providing. 

Consulting • We provide CREATIVE BUSINESS CONSULTING for your goals, events, programs, conferences, parties and beyond. This may include but not limited to the following: Event Development • Event Management • Program Development (mentoring/educational/custom) • Business Development • Pre & Post Event Consulting • Career Change Consultation • Research & Presentation Prep • Strategic Goal Setting

We are also currently designing a Personality Placement Program for business owners looking to strategically customize their business teams or for individual or groups considering a new business venture. Even those seeking employment or to join organizations would all benefit from the Personality Placement service which will educate and guide you on how to analyze  personalities types, character traits, strengths and weaknesses along with requested experience that will yield most beneficial for the desired target goal.

Training • We also provide computer training, tutoring services along with motivational speaking & workshop services for individuals, groups or businesses. This would be ideal for business owners looking to train employees, motivate and boost moral or to address a desired outcome.

Networking • Networking provides rewarding benefits if done effectively. PNC Consulting Firm offers this benefit in our networking memberships [Memberships: Amethyst • Citrine • Sapphire]

Most rewarding is our business networking match maker if you will, appropriately titled Affiliate Harmony. Through our Networking membership, members are eligible to be strategically matched with mutually beneficial people, places and business things in our network based on the nature of their business and goals!
Schedule a Complimentary Consultation & inquire about our membership packages
Chief Consultant Latoya Byrd 786.972.8695
pncconsultingfirm.com    30pncorrespondents@gmail.com