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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Food Truck Invasion in Homestead!

What a nice change!
PNC had the pleasure of hanging out in Homestead instead of making the usual trip to Downtown, Broward or even all the way up to Palm Beach.

Hosted by Homestead Main Street, Homestead's Losner Park in the Historic Downtown Homestead District reminded me of the Design District in Downtown Miami or even Wynwood. 

logoLocals had a chance to eat delicious food from the Gourmet Food Trucks and watch the trucks compete in an exciting chef's challenge using locally sourced ingredients. The Farmer's Market with great local produce also made a debut. It was a pleasant change of scenery to see native Homesteadians enjoy something like this. 


Congrats to Kris Huseby of Gypsy Kitchen whose only been in the Gourmet Food Truck game for 3 months and has made quite a mark.

Be on the lookout of upcoming events in your community and be adventurous for a change! Follow the food trucks or look for excitment all over, even out side of your own town!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

PNC @ Monday Madness with MOTIVES


PNC @ MOTIVES Monday Madness with
Shoes & Champagne Showcase


South Florida has a the best diversity when it comes to food, people and business. I had a great time networking and mingling at MOTIVES Monday Madness.



MY SEXY Playhouse

Be sure to check out Schnebly's Sparkling Wine. They are PNC's featured winery! Contact us for more information on our Networking Experiment: Shoes and Champagne or to receive your FREE CONSULTATION with PNC CONSULTING FIRM-